Homeworld 3 Delayed to First Half of 2023

Previously slated for Q4 2022, Blackbird Interactive’s space real-time strategy title Homeworld 3 has been delayed to the first half of 2023 for PC. In a recent tweet, the developer and Gearbox Publishing said “Delivering Homeworld 3 at the highest quality is the top priority” because it recognizes “the special place this series holds in the hearts of players.”

It also feels that the additional time allows for making good on its commitment to quality in a “healthy and sustainable way for all those involved.” The developer is preparing the title’s deepest look yet for Gamescom later this Summer so expect more details and gameplay. It may even receive a narrower release window.

Announced in 2019 via a strange crowdfunding campaign, Homeworld 3 entered production in June 2021. A gameplay trailer was released in December 2021, providing a look at the stunning visuals and space combat (with Z-Axis battles returning). Players can once again expect an in-depth campaign connected to previous games as they build up their very own space fleet. Stay tuned for more details in August when Gamescom 2022 takes place.

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Don't recall seeing this being revealed recently

I have posted on a lot of news articles, so I can't keep up LMAO

Anyways, the game itself seems interesting, and would be great to get to see a gameplay trailer

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