Report: Microsoft Planning to Compete With PS Plus Game Trials

According to a new report, Microsoft is set to announce a rival to PS Plus game trials with its own program. The limited-time game trials are part of the revamped PS Plus’ Premium/Deluxe tiers, offering fans between two to five hours of game time, at the end of which they can transfer their save data and trophy progress should they wish to purchase the full game.

Writing for Exputer, insider Tom Henderson revealed that Xbox’s game trial feature will launch within the next year and Microsoft plans to kick off the program by helping independent developers across the globe. The scheme will presumably benefit smaller developers by allowing players to try games they might otherwise overlook, resulting in a potential purchase especially if Microsoft allows save data and achievement progress transfer as well.

In addition to the above, Henderson claims that Microsoft will be compensating developers for opting into the game trial program and they will also receive “the necessary data needed for game development.” It’s unclear what Henderson specifically means by “necessary data” but the part about Microsoft compensating developers for making game trials stands out here. This approach is in stark contrast to Sony’s rumored approach as the company reportedly mandated game trials for some games and left smaller developers struggling to figure out how to invest time and resources into complying with the requirement. However, Kotaku’s sources refuted this report, claiming that it’s the PlayStation Store team that will be working on game trials.

Nevertheless, it’ll be interesting to see what Microsoft comes up with and we’ll find out more information during the Summer Game Fest.

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