Rumor: Microsoft Could Be Adding Xbox Game Demos to Game Pass

Demos used to be a common way for developers to promote their games. Demo disks often came with subscriptions to gaming magazines, and publishers sometimes slipped demos into game disks along with trailers and other bonus features. And while game demos have not totally vanished, they are noticeably less common than they used to be.

However, Microsoft may be about to bring them back in a limited fashion. An unconfirmed report indicates that the publisher will soon include game demos in its Xbox Game Pass subscription service. If the rumors are true, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can expect an official announcement in just a few days.

Gaming news site Exputer recently reported that Microsoft will announce this and more ahead of the Summer Game Fest on Thursday, June 9th. Exputer did not name its source, but if true, this will give Game Pass a new feature to counter PS Plus’s upcoming game trials feature. According to the source, subscribers can expect the new feature to launch within the next year and that it would focus on demoing games from smaller independent game studios. Participating developers will reportedly receive additional support and compensation from Microsoft. Details are limited, but the former may include access to data that’s useful for game development.

The source also included information about Microsoft’s other upcoming announcements. To begin with, Microsoft is allegedly getting set to make Game Pass Cloud Gaming available in additional countries. On a related note, the source claims that Microsoft plans to extend its partnership with electronics manufacturer Samsung. This means Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can soon stream games directly to their TV without needing a console or Microsoft’s upcoming Keystone "Streaming Puck" reported on last month.

According to the leak, Microsoft’s announcements will come several hours before The Summer Game Fest on June 9th. Xbox fans can also expect other announcements before and during the broadcast, which starts at 2 PM Eastern/11 AM Pacific. However, the source couldn’t provide any further details about them.

Many consider Xbox Game Pass to be the premier gaming subscription service. It gives subscribers access to hundreds of console and PC games from a wide range of developers. While it will soon have a rival in PlayStation Plus Premium, Sony mostly seems to be playing catch up. If the new rumors are true, Game Pass will have an answer to what was going to be one of its competitor’s unique selling points.

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Always best to have demos available, so you can "try before buy"


would be a good move, I miss when betas and demos were a big thing


I think this would be cool to check out and play demos.

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