E3 2023 Plans Confirmed by ESA

E3 2022 was notably canceled this year with the Entertainment Software Association indicating previously it planned to bring the event back in 2023, and now, plans have been partially confirmed for next year's event. The ESA said in a recent interview that E3 2023 would indeed take place and would be held in both physical and digital capacities. Dates for the event have not yet been set, however, but it's presumed that the event would take place in June again like it has in recent years where it actually was held.

ESA president and CEO Stan Pierre-Louis spoke to The Washington Post about the organization's plans for next year's E3. While most events held outside of E3 over the past two years or so have been conducted digitally as publishers splintered off and held their own showcases, we've started to see some companies returning to physical or hybrid events. Pierre-Louis said there's a "really strong desire" for the former to happen.

"We're excited about coming back in 2023 with both a digital and an in-person event," Pierre-Louis said. "As much as we love these digital events, and as much as they reach people and we want that global reach, we also know that there's a really strong desire for people to convene — to be able to connect in person and see each other and talk about what makes games great."

The upcoming Summer Game Fest is one example of what many have viewed as a digital replacement for E3, though companies like Nintendo have long been holding their own presentations through things like Nintendo Directs and PlayStation's State of Play events. On the topic of those companies doing things on their own and doing things digitally, Pierre-Louis said physical shows still have a place in that formula and suggested E3 was poised to capitalize on that hybrid strategy.

"I think what's great about all this experimentation is that companies of all sizes are trying to figure out what works best to promote the product and the content that they are looking to share with consumers," he said. "And I think there is a space for a physical show; I think there's an importance of having digital reach. Combining those two, I think there is a critical element of what we think E3 can provide."

Again, dates have not yet been set for E3 2023, but it'll likely take place in June of next year if past events are any indication.

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Not the same without an E3 2022 before it LMAO
(I know E3 2022 has been cancelled)


Can't wait for 2023 EA then .

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