New Sega Mini Console Revealed

Following a tease late last month, Sega has officially unveiled a new mini console in the style of the Sega Genesis Mini called... Mega Drive Mini 2. The Sega Genesis Mini was referred to as the Mega Drive Mini internationally, and this seems to be a direct follow-up that will include 50 different Mega Drive and Mega CD titles. While not a mini Dreamcast like some might have hoped, it keeps that dream alive given Sega's continued interest in miniature recreations of past consoles.

The Mega Drive Mini 2 is set to release in Japan on October 27th for roughly around $75 when exchanged from yen to dollars and has yet to be officially announced for North America. It seems likely that it will, and could even have the same release date, but would likely be renamed the Sega Genesis Mini 2 in keeping with the naming convention of the original miniature console. You can check out the official announcement, in Japanese, for yourself embedded below:

In addition to the reveal of the new miniature console, Sega also announced the first 11 video games that will appear on the platform. More video games for the Mega Drive Mini 2 will be revealed on June 24th followed by more on an unspecified date in July as well as twice in August. The first 11 video games for the Mega Drive Mini 2, in order of announcement, are as follows:

Shining Force CD
Sonic CD
Mansion of Hidden Souls
Popful Mail
Virtua Racing
Bonanza Bros.
Shining in the Darkness
Thunder Force IV
Magical Taruruto-kun
Fantasy Zone

As noted above, the Sega Mega Drive Mini 2 is set to go on sale in Japan on October 27th. As of right now, a version for North America has not been announced, but it seems likely that it will be and, if naming conventions remain consistent, will be the Sega Genesis Mini 2.

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I'[m glad for them to release this. I hope they get a lot of sales in Japan,
then wish them the best of luck if/when they release it globally


That's dope, i'll most likely pick this up if they have the OG sonic games and Mortal Kombat, this was one of the first consoles i had as a kid


would Love to play with this beauty


This is so cool, $75 isn't actually a bad price tag for this.


Awesome I think we would pick one up when it comes out.

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