Diablo Immortal Developer Reveals Campaign Length

Diablo Immortal is set to release on iOS and Android devices later this week, and Blizzard Entertainment is starting to reveal a number of new details about the game. Speaking with GameSpot, senior game designer Scott Burgess revealed that Diablo Immortal's launch campaign will take players about 20 hours to complete. That's a good chunk of time, but fans of the franchise will be happy to know that Blizzard plans to offer plenty more additional content over the coming months. According to Burgess, that will take many different forms, including things like story content and new dungeons.

"We're going to continue to release content on a regular cadence. Our goal is every few months we're going to release either a new dungeon or zone, and with that comes brand-new story content players can play through," Burgess told GameSpot.

Diablo Immortal is a free-to-play game, and GameSpot confirms that all of the additional planned content will be free as well. The game's paid content will take the form of cosmetics, as well as a paid battle pass, though a free one will also be available. After raising concerns about pay-to-win content, Burgess told the outlet that he "played the beta without spending a dollar," while remaining competitive in PvP. Of course, fans will have to judge that element of the game for themselves when it launches, but this certainly seems promising for anyone concerned about how microtransactions will be implemented.

Game length can be a major deciding factor for players on the fence about trying something new. Usually, that's a bigger concern for full-priced games, but Diablo fans probably wouldn't want to invest the time and effort into learning Immortal's system if there wasn't a lot to do, and the promise of future content. Fans will get a chance to experience Diablo Immortal for themselves on June 2nd.

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20 hours is stretching it, they should've made it 12 - 14 hours tbh


It might be a wrong game from the sounds of it but still should be fun.

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