Switch Online adds three new NES and SNES games

Nintendo has added three more retro games to Nintendo Switch Online’s NES and SNES libraries.

The NES app gets Pinball, while the SNES gets Rival Turf and Congo’s Caper.

Pinball is one of the original ‘black box’ NES games and launched alongside the console in the west.

It’s a standard pinball game, but has a bonus stage in which Mario carries a platform and tries to deflect the ball to rescue Pauline.

Rival Turf is a beat ’em up similar to Final Fight and Streets of Rage, and is the first game in Jaleco’s Rushing Beat trilogy. The second and third games, Brawl Brothers and The Peace Keepers, are already on Switch Online.

Congo’s Caper, meanwhile, is a Data East platformer which is considered the spiritual successor to Joe & Mac.

Players control a monkey called Congo who’s been turned into a human by a demon. Congo has to defeat the demon and rescue his girlfriend so they can both turn back into monkeys again.

The Japanese version of Switch Online doesn’t get Congo’s Caper – instead, it gets Umihara Kawase, a platformer about a chef armed with a fishing line which acts like a grappling hook.

Switch Online subscribers with access to the Japanese eShop can download the Super Famicom app and get access to the Japanese library too, including Umihara Kawase.

The previous NES and SNES update added Earthworm Jim 2, Dig Dug and Mappy-Land to the service.

Before that, Nintendo added Earthbound and its predecessor Mother (renamed Earthbound Beginnings) to the SNES and NES apps respectively.

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Source: https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/switch-online-adds-three-new-nes-and-snes-games/


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Keep them coming, Switch is going to be more awesome


So sad to get excited over 8-bit pinball in 2022, but Nintendo has us right where they want us.


The games that they listed that are out I definitely want to play some of them.

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