Xbox Console Exclusive Replaced Gets Delayed

Originally scheduled to be out at some point this year following a reveal from 2021, the game will now release in 2023. Developer Sad Cat and its publisher Coatsink and parent company Thunderful announced the delay this week while providing an explanation for the new date. The game is still currently scheduled to be a console exclusive on the Xbox platform and is still slated for a PC release via Steam and the Epic Games Store, too.

The announcement of the delay was shared by the game's social accounts this week with Russia's war on Ukraine cited as a main factor in the adjusted timeline. Sad Cat Studios is based in Belarus, a country largely involved in the war given its support of Russia. As such, some of the development team was relocated and was only able to recently begin work on the game.

Given that delay in development, it makes sense then that the game itself would be pushed back.

"Publisher Coatsink, parent company Thunderful, and developer Sad Cat Studios have decided to move the release to 2023 to ensure that the game is in the best state it can possibly be," the announcement shared this week said. "We are continuing to work hard to match the quality you've come to expect from the trailer, but are prioritizing both the physical and mental health of the developers by not forcing the original deadlines that have been unexpectedly impacted."

When the game was announced, inspirations such as Blade Runner 2049, Alien, and Upgrade were listed as some of the works that played into the ideas that went into Replaced, though from the game's overview, you may have already been able to detect that.

"Replaced is a 2.5D sci-fi retro-futuristic action platformer where you play as R.E.A.C.H. – an artificial intelligence trapped in a human body against its own will, a preview of the game said. "Replaced combines cinematic platforming, pixel art and free-flow action combat set in an alternative 1980s."

Replaced is now scheduled to be out at some point in 2023.

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Pity it's been delayed until sometime in 2023

There are others that are, and will be, delayed until then or later ffs


Some games are still getting delayed.


i'm a predominantly xbox player and this is yet another game I haven't even heard of, are they just not advertising anymore?

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