Rainbow Six Siege Introduces New Penalty for Bad Teammates

Ubisoft is introducing a new Rainbow Six Siege feature in Operation Vector Glare that takes aim at problematic teammates who consistently seek to ruin others' experiences. This Operation marks the first phase of the game's new Reputation System in which this penalty is included as an enhanced version of the reverse friendly fire setting already present in the game. The new Reputation System will make it so that players who have a history of teamkilling their teammates in-game will begin matches with reverse friendly fire enabled from the start until they can play enough games without issue to remove the penalty.

To better explain the new feature, lets first revisit how reverse friendly fire currently works in Siege. If you join a match and kill a teammate, your next friendly fire attempt in that game will result in the damage being reflected back at you with the possibility of being removed from the match on the table should your actions continue. That's a somewhat effective solution, but it still requires at least one teamkill to activate, so it's far from perfect.

Enter the reverse friendly fire penalty associated with the Reputation System, a new deterrent that'll punish players not just in the match their infraction occurs in but in future ones, too.

"Part of the Reputation System and the first phase to be deployed. It implements a reputation penalty when we detect regular abuses of friendly fire," Ubisoft said about this new penalty. "The purpose of reputation penalties is to activate when we detect that someone has abused a mechanism during several matches, in this case the Reverse Friendly Fire. It aims to better control and address certain regular abuses of Friendly Fire and reduce the frustration associated with recidivists that injure too many teammates."

Further details were provided in the next Operation's patch notes:

Reputation Penalty: Reverse Friendly Fire
As the repeat offenders' actions bring them closer to the penalty, they will receive a set of warnings notifying them of how they are seen by the system and asking them to modify their playstyle.

If the player persists with the disruptive behaviour, the penalty will be applied. The player will be aware of the number of matches left in their penalty by signs and feedbacks in and out of the gameplay loop. This feature will be shipped later during season 2.

A preview of this shown during a press event depicted a 20-match penalty where reverse friendly fire was active, but that number wasn't finalized at the time.

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They should do this in all shooter games like this

I hated it in MP's like BF2, BF3, MW, MW2, BO and BO2


2022, when even FPS games provide a safe space


RepKing It's about time , Who wants a teammate constantly trying to kill them !



It's about time , Who wants a teammate constantly trying to kill them !

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