Splatoon 3 Will Support Cloud Saves, but Only for Offline Data

Nintendo Switch Online is a little behind the curve when compared to other similar subscription services in many ways in more ways than one, and on occasion, even the basic features that it does offer come with caveats. For instance, subscribers have access to cloud save backups for games, but some games end up not supporting that feature.

Upcoming shooter Splatoon 3 will, thankfully, support cloud saves- but that’ll come with a caveat as well. A small footnote on the bottom of the game’s eShop page states that it will only support cloud saves for offline data. That essentially means that the game’s entire multiplayer component – which, many might argue, is the primary attraction of a Splatoon game – won’t support cloud saves.

Splatoon 2 didn’t support cloud saves at all, so it’s definitely a step up, but it’ll still be frustrating for fans. Then again, Nintendo has often blocked cloud saving for online multiplayer games in order to avoid cheating and save scumming, so this doesn’t entirely come as a huge shock.

Splatoon 3 launches on November 9 for Nintendo Switch.

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good for them to support the saves via cloud


for how popular the switch is I've never seen anyone play splatoon 2

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