God of War Ragnarok's Latest Clip Sparks Graphics Downgrade Debate

God of War Ragnarok‘s accessibility features were revealed yesterday along with an all-new clip which has sparked the downgrade debate all over again.

As soon as the clip was released, a new debate was started on social media about the sheer difference in the graphics as compared to what we saw back in 2021. In a post on the PlayStation 4 subreddit, a user compares the two clips, and according to them, the visuals in God of War Ragnarok have been upgraded. However, the actual response on the Reddit post got a totally different response.

While some fans added that the newly added blue tinge gave a slightly more realistic and cohesive appearance to the entire scene, a majority of them were not quite happy with the changes in God of War Ragnarok. The blue tinge was attributed to the snowy weather of the scene by many, but players went on to highlight that it was far from what a real snowy environment looks like.

One of the notable differences is the tattoo on Atreus’ neck, which is barely legible in the latest video. On the contrary, one can see the tattoo quite well in the previous video, and can even make out the figures without any trouble. Kratos and Atreus’ facial features were claimed to be much worse in the new video as well, with the earlier one being praised for much sharper and detailed visuals.

The difference in resolution of the two God of War Ragnarok videos could have contributed to the stark difference in the graphics of the two games, but there are a lot of other aspects that have been tweaked in the latest video, which includes but is not limited to the blue filter. That being said, the game is still a while away from launch, and considering that PlayStation has never disappointed with the graphics of its first-party titles, we should hold our expectations high this time around as well.

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Hate it when they do comparison's, it totally messes up what was good


this should never be a debate with a remake, how does this happen

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