Sony may soon bring PlayStation Network to your gaming PC

PlayStation is slowly but surely cementing itself a place in the gaming PC market, with the company enjoying commercial and critical success via Windows ports of its lauded console exclusives, such as Horizon: Zero Dawn and God of War. Now, it appears that Sony may be planning to bolster its recently crowned PlayStation PC brand by bringing its PlayStation Network platform along for the ride.

While we don’t yet know how PlayStation Network will work on a gaming PC, a recent job listing makes clear Sony’s intention to make it happen all the same. The company is looking for someone to “lead and evolve the PlayStation game experience roadmap for all game related experiences”, including “PlayStation network Platform integration” (via DualShockers).

Our best guess as to how PlayStation Network will manifest on PC is that it will likely closely mirror the Xbox app, acting as both a storefront and portal to the game streaming services contained within the soon-to-be revamped PlayStation Plus membership. With Summer Game Fest on the horizon, we should hopefully not have to wait much longer to find out.

For now, we’ll carry on counting down the days until the Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection PC release date rolls around, allowing us to enjoy two of the best action-adventure games from the comfort of our computers.

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I would be interested in this


bringing a paid gaming subscription to PC, surely that will do well

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