Final Fantasy 7 Remake Trademark Leaves Fans With Lots of Questions

A new Final Fantasy trademark has surfaced online and is making the rounds alongside heaps of speculation. Recently, Square Enix confirmed it has some news to share this year about Final Fantasy for the 25-year anniversary of the series. Final Fantasy 16 is going to be at the center of this celebration, but it's looking increasingly likely that there's going to be some Final Fantasy 7 Remake news as well.

As noted, a Final Fantasy trademark has emerged online and is making the rounds. More specifically the renewal of "Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade" is making the rounds. It's unclear why this DLC would be trademarked as it was not up for renewal. As a result, many think this trademark hints at a Steam release or the long-rumored Xbox release. Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 -- or whatever it winds up being called -- probably isn't very far away from being revealed. However, there's nothing about this trademark that indicates this, which makes the speculation that this involves a port of Final Fantasy 7 Remake more plausible.

This isn't the only new Square Enix trademark that has caught the attention of the Internet though. There's also a "Labyrinth Striker" trademark that has caught the eye of many though nobody knows what it could be for.

Finally, there's a new trademark for "Final Bar Line," which could also be just about anything. The "Final" in it suggests it could be Final Fantasy related, but unless it's a subtitle of sorts, this seems unlikely. And even if it's Final Fantasy related, nobody knows what it could be for.

As you would expect, Square Enix hasn't commented on any of these trademarks nor the speculation they have created.

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Thete always be a lot of questions when games like this are getting released


these games always have some of the most speculation around their releases it's crazy

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