V Rising Console Commands And Cheats: How To Enable And Use

V Rising can be played in a variety of different ways. From full PvP worlds with dozens of players to a single, PvE world with one solo player, there's something for all in Stunlock Studios' newest survival-crafting game. However, regardless of how you play, there's a ton of grinding to do once you start the game. From acquiring different materials, like whetstones, to building your dream castle, you'll need to spend dozens of hours to accomplish everything in Vardoran. Fortunately, there are some ways to bypass this grind. You can enable the console command menu and type in various cheats to cut your grind in half.

The console command menu itself is fairly difficult to access, as the developers have hidden it behind the game's settings. You also need to be on a specific server if you want access to the commands. For example, if you're a server owner or admin, then you should have access to the full slate of commands in V Rising. On the other hand, if you're on a server as just a player, you probably won't get to use any kind of command or cheat. Still, every player should know how to bring up the console command and what cheats are available in V Rising.

Enabling console commands
We'll be going over how to enable the console command menu from the standpoint of a server admin since they're usually the only people with access. So if you're an admin on a populated server or on your own server, this explanation applies to you.

To start, open the V Rising settings by pressing Esc once in-game. In the General tab, make sure that the "Console Enabled" box is checked. This is off by default, so you will need to change it if you start a new server. Exit the settings to return to the game. Now, with the console enabled, you can press the ~ key to bring up the console. Whenever you want to close this menu, just press the ~ key again.

After bringing up the console for the first time, the game will offer a brief explanation of what it is and even give you the command to bring up every single other command in V Rising. You can bring this up by typing "list" in the console box. However, even before you do that, you want to enable admin access. This is done by typing "adminauth" and pressing Enter. This command gives you access to every single command in V Rising, which includes the ability to ban people from a server and use cheats in-game.

Using cheats
Speaking of cheats, there is a number of them available to server admins in V Rising. The most popular cheats are the "give" commands, which simply let players spawn in an item or item set directly to their inventory. Players who used cheats in Valheim will be extremely familiar with this system, as the process is basically the same in V Rising.

In the console box, you want to type in "give" and press Space in the console. This will bring up the full list of items in V Rising along with their special code. Use the up and down arrow keys to scroll this list of items until you see the one you want to spawn. Once you know the name of an item you want to spawn, you can put its name in the command. For example: give "[Name] Alchemy Lab Flooring - Item_Ingredient_Bokk_Floor_AlechemyLab - Guid: 978074988". You can also type in "giveset" and then press Space to see a list of possible item sets to spawn in.

V Rising is out now for PC. You can download the latest V Rising Trainer and cheats for free from WeMod.

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