Skyrim Anniversary Edition could be coming to Nintendo Switch

Skyrim Anniversary Edition has been rated for Switch, suggesting the game could finally be making its way to Nintendo's console.

Skyrim Anniversary Edition launched late last year on PlayStation, Xbox and PC, leaving Switch players out in the cold. But Nintendo fans might soon be able to get in on that new and improved Skyrim action, as Skyrim Anniversary Edition has reportedly been rated for Switch in Taiwan.

The rating by the Taiwanese game rating board has now been taken down, but not before Switch Brazil managed to nab a screenshot. The image shows that the rating was filed last week, on May 15. We'll have to wait for word from Nintendo to know for sure that Skyrim Anniversary Edition is coming to Switch, but it's not uncommon for a game to be officially announced shortly after it's been revealed by a leaked rating.

Skyrim Anniversary Edition makes Bethesda's mammoth RPG even bigger with a decade worth of content. Added to the base game are three expansions, Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn, as well as a wealth of Creation Club mod content. Lastly, and perhaps most exciting of all, there's also a new fishing system.

Skyrim did, of course, get a Switch version which was released in 2017. On other platforms, the Anniversary Edition is available as a paid upgrade as well as a standalone game. Hopefully, this will also be the case if Skyrim Anniversary does see a release on Switch.

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Nothing quite like milking out the games, eh?


If people stopped buying Skyrim and gtav then they'll make new ones. As long as people keep buying the games then they'll just milk them


Oh boy, Skyrim release #57


Which game has been milked more: GTA 5 or Skyrim?

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