Fortnite datamines reveal a live event set for next month

Fortnite will host a new live event next month, dataminers have discovered.

Earlier today, a brand new update for Fortnite Battle Royale went live on all platforms, and as such, dataminers were able to comb through files not yet available in the game itself. As you can see below, the dataminers have confirmed that a brand new live event will be hitting the battle royale game next month.

What's more, we even know when the event will be kicking off. As the dataminer explains, it looks like the live event could be debuting as early as June 3. This countdown timer puts the event at taking place in the afternoon for both West and East Coast audiences.

Right now though, we don't know what this event could entail. Some are speculating that it could draw the current Season 3 to a close, and be used as a transition point between the new seasons, which we've seen Fortnite Battle Royale do before with other live events.

Could we even be in for another concert like the Ariana Grande and Travis Scott virtual gigs? While it's entirely possible the countdown timer could be leading to a new concert, it's been well under a year since the Ariana Grande concert first kicked off for Fortnite players around the world, so our money's on this being a smaller event in comparison.

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