Xbox Showcase Speculated Games Has Some Interesting Names

Xbox players are eagerly waiting for the showcase which is slated to take place next month, and apparently, there will be some interesting games there.

It’s been a disappointing few days for Xbox fans, as the developers announced Redfall and Starfield and no longer coming this year. However, there are some interesting things coming up in the next few weeks.

Xbox Showcase Speculated Games Has Some Interesting Names
According to a new report by Jez Corden, who is the Editor of Windows Central, we could be getting some interesting titles in the Xbox showcase. Speaking on the Windows Central Gaming Xbox Chaturdays 66, Jez reveals that the following games could be seen in the conference according to his knowledge.

Project Belfry
Grounded 1.0
Next Big Sea of Thieves Update
Diablo 4
Project Midnight

First up, we have some really familiar and expected names, which include the likes of Starfield, Redfall, Diablo 4, and Avowed. With the recent happenings around Starfield and Redfall, fans would be quite eager to see more of the two titles. It will be interesting to see how much the developers are ready to show, but it is expected that there should be some kind of footage from the games.

Now coming to the interesting reveals. It is expected that both Project Belfry and Project Midnight will be revealed during the showcase. Project Belfry is speculated to be a sidescrolling action game somewhat similar to Dragon’s Crown with Princes Monokone vibes. The game is being developed by Stoic, the developers of the critically acclaimed Banner Saga franchise. Then there is Obsidian’s Pentament which is reportedly inspired by Disco Elysium.

Apart from these, we have Grounded 1.0 and the next big Sea of Thieves update as well. Both of these games have been doing quite decent for Xbox, and it was expected that Grounded would be released soon. Finally, we have Contraband and Everwild as well, which were announced a while back.

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Meh!! not intersting enough. gameplays will be a must before purchasing


imgur Couldn't give less of a shit about anything here other than Diablo 4

My thoughts exactly minus I'd switch diablo for starfield, never tried diablo but the rest looks so lame


Couldn't give less of a shit about anything here other than Diablo 4

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