Star Wars Battlefront 3 Speculation Shot Down by Insider

If you were somehow hoping that Electronic Arts was working on Star Wars Battlefront 3, well, you should probably dash those hopes. In recent months, EA confirmed that a new Star Wars first-person shooter was in the works at Respawn Entertainment. And while some fans surmised that this game could end up being Battlefront 3, it sounds like that absolutely won't be the case at all.

In a recent interaction on Twitter, video game industry reporter Jeff Grubb quickly shot down the notion that Respawn would be making Star Wars Battlefront 3. Grubb didn't have much to say on this subject, but blatantly said that this new Star Wars shooter from Respawn would "absolutely not" be Battlefront 3. With this in mind, it seems to reiterate that the Star Wars Battlefront series is likely on ice as the previous developer of the series, DICE, also hasn't made it apparent that it's working on a new installment in the franchise.

In a general sense, this information related to Star Wars Battlefront 3 being a no-go within EA shouldn't be surprising in the slightest. For those who maybe don't remember how the launch of Star Wars Battlefront 2 went down, it was essentially a disaster on all fronts for EA. Backlash related to loot boxes and microtransactions from fans became so widespread that the story was one that even mainstream news outlets were covering. This backlash then led to Battlefront 2 underperforming greatly for EA, even though it continued to support the game for years to come. While some fans may have hoped for the publisher to get a chance to right these wrongs in Star Wars Battlefront 3, it doesn't sound like this will happen any time soon.

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