Insider Suggests Sony Isn’t Done With Bloodborne

Bloodborne 2 or a Bloodborne PS5 upgrade isn’t outside the realm of possibility, if PlayStation insider and Sacred Symbols host Colin Moriarty is to be believed. Moriarty, who’s pretty well-connected in the industry and has been fairly accurate with his information, teased in a new video that Sony isn’t quite done with the game.

Sony’s long been silent about the possibility of Bloodborne 2

Sony’s silence on Bloodborne remains a mystery. The game not only earned universal praise and won numerous awards, it exceeded Sony’s sales expectations soon after release and is widely regarded as one of the best PlayStation exclusives to date. However, unlike games like The Last of Us, the company’s infamously overlooked Bloodborne. It never received any PS5 enhancements, it never received a highly-demanded 60 frames-per-second patch, there’s never been any talk of a sequel in an official capacity, and not a peep about the possibility of a remaster or a remake. Curious.

Every mention of Bloodborne is a glimmer of hope, then, and Moriarty has given fans just that. The video above provides a (subjective) ranking of the 25 best PlayStation 4 games in celebration of Sacred Symbols’ 200th episode, with Bloodborne making it to no. 9. “You haven’t seen the last of Bloodborne. I’ll tell you that,” Moriarty says at the 1:54:15 mark before casually moving on, as spotted by Reddit.

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