Splatoon 3 Receives Brief New Details on Multiplayer Customization

Splatoon 3 is set to come out this September, and while it will, of course, have a single player campaign and feature the return of the co-op mode Salmon Run, the primary attraction of the experience will once again be its PvP multiplayer component. While beefier details on that front will arrive in due course, for now, Nintendo seems content to drop brief new details on it every chance it gets.

Recently, for instance, the company took to Twitter to share new tidbits on customization in the game’s multiplayer component- more specifically, the tweets focus on player nameplates. Splatoon 3 will allow customization for these in several ways, such as a variety of colourful banners with different backgrounds that will be “visible in a variety of settings” and “full customizable based on gameplay”.

Meanwhile, players will also be able to add custom text to their nameplates. That will be limited to just two words, but you can choose which words from a given pool, with more being unlocked the more you play. Exactly how big the pool will be remains to be seen. Neither of these features are groundbreaking by any stretch of the imagination, but hey- it’s something.

Splatoon 3 launches on the Nintendo Switch on September 9.

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Still got a couple months until we can play this but this year is flying by so it'll be here in no time!

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