Windows 11 reaches 19% market share on Steam

The latest data from Steam shows that Windows 11 is growing steadily and non-stop among gamers. According to Steam Hardware and Software Survey for April 2022, Windows 11 gained 2.06% and now holds almost 19% of the market (18.94%, to be precise), while the other versions of Windows lost some ground.

Like Chrome on the desktop browser market, Windows maintains a crushingly dominant position on Steam with a 96.31% market share (-0.26% in April 2022). Windows 10 64-bit remains the most popular choice and holds 73.55% (-1.14%). Windows 7 64-bit is third with a steadily declining share of 2.93% (-1.21%).

macOS and Linux remain extremely scarce among Steam users. Apple's desktop OS has just 2.55% (+0.12%) and Linux currently holds 1.14% (+0.14%).

Windows 11's continuous growth among Steam users shows that unlike regular customers, gamers are more willing to jump from Windows 10 to 11 and accept some of its temporary trade-offs. The latest operating system from Microsoft offers several gaming enhancements and new features, plus new hardware benefits from optimizations in Windows 11.

For your average Joe, those novelties are not worth giving up the traditional taskbar and other Windows 10 features that are no longer available in Windows 11. That might be one of the reasons Windows 11 struggles to get to the 20% mark on the global market.

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