The Last of Us: Part II Modders Discover New Battle Royale Assets

A member of the modding community has discovered new Battle Royale assets from The Last of Us: Part II, giving fans a glimpse at what could have been.

The Last of Us might be one of the biggest single-player experiences around, but Naughty Dog were reportedly set to develop a Multiplayer Battle Royale mode before scrapping the plans. However, a blog post by the developers did confirm that some form of Multiplayer is still being worked on by the team.

Many fans were reluctant about a Battle Royale mode, with the genre being incredibly oversaturated since Fortnite kicked off the trend back in 2017. That doesn’t mean we’re not curious about what the mode could have looked like though, and thanks to modders, we’ve been given a sneak peek.

Thanks to Last of Us modders @Speclizer and @Angel_Gbc10 (via @NaughtyCenntral_), fans have been given a look at three different types of armour sets that were discovered in the game’s files.

The armour sets in question were reportedly set to be used in the now-scrapped Battle Royale mode, but it’s also possible that these assets are carried over into another Multiplayer mode. The two modders also discovered what appears to be a multiplayer map, the size of which suggests that the Battle Royale mode would only be small based on the size of the map.

As seen in the tweet below, there are three different ‘levels’ of armour, with each likely increasing how much protection the player would have whilst wearing them.

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They shouldn't of scrapped the Battle Royale mode seems like players only care for battle royale modes in games nowadays, Myself i don't like battle royale in games just not fun at all for me.

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