skate. is “Already a Ton of Fun”, According to Playtesters

Though EA hasn’t publicly said much about skate. since first announcing it, details on the highly anticipated series reboot have nonetheless been filtering through of late, thanks primarily to leaks. Developer Full Circle seems to have started the process of playtesting the game, as a result of which pre-alpha gameplay footage also recently emerged online. Now, GamesBeat’s Jeff Grubb has published a new report in which he reveals potential new details on the game’s open world, as well as its emphasis on customization and user-generated content.

In line with previously leaked info, the Skate reboot is allegedly set in an open world called Fun City, which will feature a variety of missions and activities, such as races, tricks, and more. And while the game is still in the early stages of development, it seems it’s already making solid progress behind-the-scenes. According to GamesBeat’s report, playtesters are saying the game is “already a ton of fun”, with Full Circle seemingly focusing primarily on core gameplay fundamentals.

At the same time, it seems some of the key features of skate. are also beginning to take. As EA itself has previously hinted at, it seems the game is placing quite a bit of emphasis on both customization and user-generated content. Where customization is concerned, Grubb compares the game to Forza, while user-generated content, it seems, will also be a core component of customization mechanics.

As per the recent playtest, it seems player will be able to set up servers, and anyone on the server will be able to add or remove elements from the skatepark, allowing players to experiment with its design, performing tricks, and more.

Finally, the report also states that skate. is “still a long way off”, with EA apparently allowing Full Circle to spend plenty of time in the prototyping and playtesting stages.

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Can't wait for another Skate to be released


cant wait for skate 4 i hope its on PC and can use my controller


Cannot wait for this game. Skate was the first game I ever got for my Xbox. Classic. Hopefully, it doesn't take years to finish it.

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