Halo Infinite Reveals Several Upcoming Multiplayer Modes

Halo Infinite’s player base has grown increasingly frustrated in recent weeks, partly due to a lack of substantial content updates, but that’ll soon be changing. Season 2: Lone Wolves is arriving soon, and it’s bringing plenty of new content with it. 343 Industries has shown off and detailed its new maps, spoken about improvements being made to the Battle Pass and in-game shop, and detailed other upcoming tweaks.

Of course, season 2 will add new multiplayer game modes, which have been previously teased, and now 343 Industries has provided further details on what these new modes will bring. The three new modes coming to the game are Last Spartan Standing (brief details on which were recently leaked), Land Grab, and the returning King of the Hill, a Halo staple.

King of the Hill will come with a new twist this time. A neutral hill will spawn on the map, and two opposing teams will race to capture the hill. Enter an uncontested hill, and you begin earning a point per second for your team, filling up a capture bar. Earn enough points to fill up the bar completely, and the hill is captured, scoring a point for your team, following which another neutral hill will spawn somewhere else on the map.

Land Grab, meanwhile, also sounds interesting. Each match will begin with three neutral zones on the map, and if you capture one, earn a point for your team, with the team that gets to 11 points first being crowned the winner. That might sound very similar to Strongholds, a mode that is already in the game, but interestingly, in Land Grab, when you capture a zone, it is locked. Unlike in Strongholds, a captured zone cannot be taken over by the enemy team, which means getting to 11 points for a team will be much quicker.

Finally, there’s Last Spartan Standing, which very much seems to be the headlining new mode of Season 2- 343 even says it’s “based around the Lone Wolves theme” of the season, in fact. Last Spartan Standing is, simply put, a cross between battle royale and Escalation Slayer. It’s a free-for-all mode in which 12 players will fight to be the last player standing in a Big Team Battle map. Every player will have a “confined” loadout, and you’ll be limited only to five respawns, after which you can either spectate the match or leave without penalty. Similar to the aforementioned Escalation Slayer, players will also be able to upgrade to a more powerful weapon with every kill.

You can get more details on the new multiplayer modes, their variants for several playlists, and more in the update published by 343 Industries on Halo Waypoint. You can also take a sneak peak at the modes in the trailer below.

Speaking of new Halo Infinite modes, it seems there’s more of that coming beyond what Season 2 will bring as well- on top of campaign co-op and Forge, we mean. Support studio Certain Affinity is seemingly working on a new multiplayer mode that, according to reports, is a large-scale battle royale experience.

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