Farming Sim 22 New Environmental DLC Release Date

Get ready to improve your yields as the Farming Sim 22 is coming with a new DLC soon. Let’s see what will be available for the players this time.

With a unique idea of a game based on farming, GIANTS Software came up with a Farming Simulator game in 2008. After the initial release, plenty of other versions of the game were launched for almost all the gaming platforms. The plot of the game is simple, the player acts as a farmer and expands their farming business. You need to update your outdated machinery, grow crops of your choice and earn money. Raising livestock or doing forestry are other ways to expand your business and earn more dough.

The latest version of the game, Farming Simulator 22 got released in November 2021 for Windows, macOS, PS4, PS5, and other gaming consoles. Now after 5 months after its initial release, the game is getting new downloadable content released soon. So let’s see what will be available for the players to download and the official release date for the new content.

The new DLC for Farming Sim 22 will be free to download and will be available for the players on Tuesday, April 19th, 2022.

The upcoming content will consist of newly updated crop sensors, weed controlling, seeding, and drilling, along with variable rate application of organic fertilizer. All the things combined will help players to increase the yield of their farms. The new features will be an add-on to the initial Farming Simulator 19. So you will get some new features and an improved version of the existing ones. For instance, the players can obtain soil maps from the service providers. Fees need to be paid for this work, but the players need not take the samples themselves.

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I love the simulators, but never tried the farming ones. Will check it out

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