Among Us VR may be released in December

It looks like Among Us VR will release in December just ahead of the holidays.

Though not formally confirmed as yet - although we suspect Facebook's Meta Quest Gaming Showcase next week may help formalize everything - an update to SteamDB, a website that tracks changes to Steam's backend, has fans thinking the game will release on December 13, 2022.

In SteamDB's defense, the entry clearly says "Steam API release date (may be wrong)", but then offers the very definitive date of December 13, 2022, which doesn't seem to be a placeholder, as those are usually the first or the last date of a month. Previously, SteamDB had the date down as November 10, 2022 (thanks, PCGN).

The good news is, we probably won't have to wait long before Innersloth puts us out of our misery and confirms one way or the other; the Meta Quest Showcase is scheduled for this upcoming Wednesday, so we should find out more then.

It's a good time to get into the sleuthy action of Among Us, which added a big update back in November that gave us several new roles with unique abilities, fundamentally changing how the colorful whodunnit game is played. There's also now a storefront with new cosmetics, a battle pass, achievements, and more.

Three new Crewmate roles were added - Scientist, Engineer, and Guardian Angel - and one new Impostor role, the Shapeshifter. Scientists are able to access their crew's vitals at any time, which could be key to getting ahead of the Impostors. The Engineer is able to use the vents in the maps to get around, and the Guardian Angel can cast a protective shield around remaining Crewmates after they've perished.

Finally, the Shapeshifter role lets you disguise yourself using a disguise that looks like any Crewmate of your choosing… which just might be an incredibly cunning way to escape detection.

Among Us servers were recently down for an entire weekend after a targeted DDoS attack took the game offline.

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It's gonna be like in reality


Now in VR that's gonna be amazing.

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