Epic’s next free game is Diablo x Minecraft in co-op chaos

Congratulations, you have unlocked another Thursday! That means it’s time for a new batch of free PC games on the Epic Games Store, as well as a peek on what’ll be on offer next week. This week, you can pick up the excellent XCOM 2 and mountain-climbing roguelike Insurmountable. Next week, they’ll be replaced by the voxel-based co-op game Riverbond.

Riverbond is about jumping into a brightly coloured voxel-based world and breaking things. Sure, there’s always a mission to complete, but the odds are good that it involves breaking stuff. You’ll face down hordes of cute enemies, as well as over-the-top bosses, and you can do that either solo or as part of a co-op team of up to four players.

It’s good, clean fun – it’s easy to jump into and immediately get into the action, and there’s plenty of stuff to find, weapons and other power-ups are hidden around the maps in treasure chests, so if you want to go hunting for goodies, you’ll definitely be rewarded.

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Source: https://www.pcgamesn.com/riverbond/free-game-epic-store


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Absolutely wonderful looking, can't wait to try this out


Very cute! And looks fun to play.

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