No Man's Sky Developer Teases New Game

No Man's Sky creator Sean Murray once again talked about his new game by teasing "something pretty ambitious" that's being worked on within Hello Games. Murray has talked about this project in the past, specifically when it comes to the scope of the game, but still little is known about what the game actually consists of. In the meantime, Murray reassured the many No Man's Sky players out there that this new game isn't impeding any work done on No Man's Sky and its continued updates.

Murray's mentioned this game in various capacities throughout the years and talked about it more this week in an interview with IGN. This time, he talked about the people working on the game and described those assigned to it as a "small team." He continued to say that even if the group had 1,000 people working on this new title, it's still seem like an impossible project.

"For a while now we've been working on something pretty ambitious in the background," Murray said. "It's a small team but we like it that way. Similar to No Man's Sky, it's the kind of project that even if we had a thousand people working on it, it'd still seem impossible."

He continued to say that just as No Man's Sky isn't being held back by the new game, the new game is also not being held back by No Man's Sky either.

"No Man's Sky is not being held back by the next project but neither is the new thing being slowed by No Man's Sky," Murray said. "We're lucky enough to be able to allow folks to move freely to work on what excites them."

No Man's Sky itself was quite the ambitious project, though its launch left a lot to be desired. However, the work done on No Man's Sky since then has turned the game into one of the biggest comeback stories in terms of both the quality and cadence of its updates. It just got another update this week, for example, which overhauled the space combat system and added a number of new features.

Murray said in the past that No Man's Sky isn't finished "by a long shot" just yet, too, so we'll see more updates for it in the future while we await Murray's new game.

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Liking the trailer, but would be nice to get a playable game demo

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