Nintendo is building a new office dedicated to development

Nintendo is expanding into a new office for new research and development purposes.

Earlier today, Nintendo announced it had acquired land in the city of Kyoto, Japan, directly adjacent to where their current headquarters are situated. The new site area is roughly 10,000 square meters, and Nintendo is aiming to build a brand new development centre, comprised of 12 floors, by December 2027.

The new centre's specific purposes will be "R&D reinforcement," according to the press release linked to in the tweet above. It's entirely possible that this new development centre could be focusing on hardware related to the Nintendo Switch, therefore, as this would fall under "R&D."

However, given that the new office space won't be completed until December 2027, it's likely teams situated there will be looking to future Nintendo consoles. Earlier this year in February, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa said the broken its understanding of "a conventional hardware lifecycle" due to its continued sales success over five years after launch. The next Nintendo console could be many years away yet.

The new office will be found right next to Nintendo's current headquarters, which you've got to imagine will come in handy. It'll be interesting to see whether Nintendo opts to construct another gargantuan concrete behemoth in the new space, matching their current imposing office in Kyoto, or whether they decide to jazz it up a little. Here's hoping for something a little more colorful, as visiting Nintendo's current headquarters in Kyoto is, well, a little underwhelming.

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They certainly need a new one. Happy they are doing so.

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