Halo Infinite Will Add Fan-Favorite Feature to Big Team Battle

Halo Infinite's second season of multiplayer is set to add a fan-favorite feature to Big Team Battle matches. In recent months, Halo Infinite players have slowly been giving developer 343 Industries a number of complaints about the game in its current form. And while 343 has acknowledged that it's receptive to these complaints, many of the changes that fans want to see have been put on hold until Season 2 kicks off in a little under a month. Fortunately, as mentioned in a new blog from 343, one longtime feature from the Halo series will be added to Infinite in a more prominent manner.

343 Industries confirmed that when Season 2 of Halo Infinite begins, the multiplayer arena announcer (voiced by Jeff Steitzer) will be added to Big Team Battle. In its current form, the longtime announcer that has been in the Halo series since the beginning only is featured in Infinite's smaller game types. Luckily, this will be changing when Season 2 kicks off for Halo Infinite on May 3rd.

The reason why this move is such a big deal for fans is because, in many ways, Halo Infinite's multiplayer just doesn't feel the same if the announcer isn't calling out medals that players may earn while competing. Since this is a feature that has been synonymous with Halo for such a long period of time, to not hear Steitzer voice his most iconic lines in Big Team Battle makes Halo Infinite feel a bit more hollow. Although this tweak won't be game-changing for Halo Infinite by any means, it is something that should please a vast number of longtime fans.

Currently, Halo Infinite's multiplayer is free-to-play across Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC platforms. And as mentioned, Season 2 for the title is set to begin early next month for all platforms on May 3rd.

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Great news for everyone. At least they're doing something good now


Thank god I can hear the Multis I choke like every single halo game made, don't know why 343 decided to get rid of Jeff for btb but I'm glad he is coming back for sure.

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