God of War Ragnarok To Have New Mechanic Similar To Axe Throw

God of War Ragnarok might have a mechanic similar to the axe throw we saw in the previous game, one of the developers has teased.

One of Sony’s most successful franchises, God of War, took a new direction back in 2018. While changing the core premise of the franchise has backfired in many instances, Santa Monica Studios absolutely nailed the new God of War, with the game getting widely acclaimed by both fans and critics alike. After its success on PlayStation, God of War made its way into PC, and it managed to replicate its success there as well. The sequel to the game was announced with the PlayStation 5, and after a delay, God of War Ragnarok is all set to be released later this year.

God of War Ragnarok To Have New Mechanic Similar To Axe Throw, Teases Developer
Earlier today, Beau Anthony Jimenez, Sound Designer at PlayStation retweeted a tweet that was appreciating the axe callback mechanic in the game. The original tweet basically highlights the reaction of a player when they got to know about the mechanic. Quoting the tweet, Beau writes that he is excited to see how players react similarly when they see what they have been cooking in God of War Ragnarok. He goes on to say that “work has been a blast”, with the entire tweet suggesting that we could be getting a new mechanic similar to the axe throw we witnessed in the previous game.

Fans have already started to come up with theories as to what this mechanic will be. The most obvious speculation of all is that we could be getting the same mechanic replicated in the Mjolnir. However, it might be that the developers would be wanting to do something surprising for fans once again and end up doing something completely different altogether. With just a few months to go for the game’s release, we should be learning more pretty soon.

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