Nintendo Switch Sports New Trailer Released

Nintendo Switch Sports might not be the biggest upcoming Switch exclusive on paper, but if it can capture the simplicity and addictiveness of Wii Sports and expand upon it in interesting ways, it might potentially be much bigger than some expect. Ahead of its launch later this month, Nintendo has kicked the game’s marketing into gear with new trailers, and we have another one of those here.

Nintendo Switch Sports’ newest trailer is a pretty brief one at half a minute long, but it gets to the point, promising fun for all and showing off various glimpses of the six sports it’ll launch with- soccer, volleyball, tennis, badminton, charamba, and bowling. If you’re looking for meatier coverage, Nintendo recently also released an overview trailer for the game, detailing its local and online multiplayer, cosmetic customization mechanics, progression, and much more.

Nintendo Switch Sports launches on April 29.

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