Beta Steam Deck update adds full Windows 11 support

Valve’s portable powerhouse now fully supports Windows 11, thanks to a beta Steam Deck update. The in-progress patch enables fTPM for the handheld’s AMD chipset, allowing players to use exclusive OS features. However, you’ll still need to choose between Microsoft’s platform and SteamOS, and the former still comes with optimisation caveats.

If you’re brave enough to install Windows 11 on your Steam Deck, you can now delve into features like Microsoft’s DirectStorage API, which could help speed up load times on the handheld. Yet, unless you get a kick out of tinkering with experimental gaming PC setups, you might still want to hold off, as a lack of driver support means Windows still isn’t quite as good as SteamOS on the Deck.

As you’d perhaps expect, Valve’s beta Steam Deck patch is also still being tested, meaning early adopters could run into a few quirks. Thankfully, an official SteamOS update also just arrived on the scene, featuring various improvements like the ability to type using dual trackpads.

A lack of dual-booting support on Steam Deck will likely deter players from trying out Microsoft’s latest OS on the handheld, but Windows 11 is gaining popularity with Steam users across the gaming PC board. Therefore, while Valve’s SteamOS still reigns supreme on the micromachine, there’s a chance that the platform could gain some footing once the experience improves.

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The more updates the merrier. As long it works smoothly, I'm happy for this news

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