Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD: In Depth

Tony Hawk Pro Skater is back 12 years later, and more HD than ever before.

This incredible remake of Tony Hawk Pro Skater is back with most of the original levels, gametypes, skaters and soundtracks. Rolling out onto the Xbox 360 July 18th and PS3 T.B.A, THPSHD is developed on the Unreal Engine by Robomodo and published by Activision. This is the 12th instalment in the Tony Hawk Pro Skater series.

Exluding Roswell, it features:
  • Warehouse
  • School II
  • The Hangar
  • Mall
  • Venice Beach
  • Downhill Jam
  • Marseille

Completely reskinned, with the same old original soundtrack, this is another Tony Hawk game that will have you glued to your tv for days on end.

At first this game seemed a little too new aged, however after playing it for a few minutes the memories began rolling back. Needing to take a few extra minutes per level, due to the increase to 10 goals from 5, it was a very enjoyable, yet short experience. Taking about 1-2 hours to complete the game to around 90%, it is definitely the Tony Hawk Pro Skater we all know and love.

Game Modes:
  • Trick Attack
  • Graffiti
  • Free Skate
  • Big Head Elimination

Removing all the tournaments from the original version, now each level is simply a 2:00 run with the 10 goals your main priority. With 16 achievements and online capabilities, this game will have the hours flying by for you. That is the one thing you can always expect from a Tony Hawk game, and this one is no different. It is extremely addictive and keeps you at the edge of your chair for hours.

Skaters Available:
  • Tony hawk
  • Rodney Mullen
  • Lyn-z Adams Hawkins Pastrana
  • Eric Kosten
  • Andrew Reynolds
  • Nyjah Houston
  • Chris Cole
  • Jake Harrison
  • Emily Westlund
  • Avatar Skater

  • School's Out: Unlocked School II
  • Danger Zne: Unlocked The Hangar
  • A Mall Rat: Unlocked Mall
  • Going Back To Cali: Unlocked Venice Beach
  • Da Jam: Unlocked Downhill Jam
  • Uh huh, Oui Oui: Unlocked Marseille
  • Gap Skiing: Completed the 100 Ski Jump gap in Downhill Jam
  • This. is. SKATEBOARDING!: Win a match online
  • Old School: Score 200,000 points without performing a single manual in one run in Warehouse
  • Bringing home the bacon: Unlock Officer Dick
  • Manual Master: Perform 15 manuals in one combo in School II with Rodney Mullen
  • Ain't 'fraid of no ghosts: Collect all pellets in one combo in hawkman in The Hangar
  • The Best, Around: Get 500,000 points in one run in Venice Beach
  • I don't want no 2 minute Man: Hold a combo for 30 seconds after the time is up in Marseille
  • Race to the finish lines: Reach the end of the Mall 3 times in a single Big Head Survival run
  • Completist: Complete all projectives with one character

  • Officer Dick
  • Original Tony
  • Ghost Skater
  • Dusty Skatder
  • Invisible Skater
  • Slo-Mo Speed
  • Perfect Grind
  • Perfect Manual
  • Perfect Lip
  • Gives All Skaters Full Stats
  • Gives All Skaters $999,999
  • Unlocks Every Level
  • Unlocks Every Skater
  • Unlocks Every Game Mode
  • unlocks All Cheats

Below are a few more images from the game. Be sure to pick this one up guys, it is alot fun!


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Yes! I might actually buy this, i loved skating in the skate parks.


i LOVED this game, glad to see it come back:)


i hope its different than the last ones it just got boring easily


Glad to see it come back, been a while since I've played any of them,
but I do remember how much fun I had playing them.


seriously i feel a tear drop coming soon. Im so stoked for this. I made this game my biatch when i was little :)


XeJames This game will be amazing just like all the other ones :)

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 was terrible! How could you saw such a thing! lol.


Another one? Wow, it better not be the same.


XeJames This game will be amazing just like all the other ones :)

Yeah I really hope xD Will you buy it?


This game will be amazing just like all the other ones :)


I think this game will be amazing! Played it so much when I was younger!

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