Valve wants players’ Steam Deck feedback for its Verifieds

Valve Software is now seeking players’ Steam Deck feedback in order to help with its ‘Verified’ and ‘Playable’ lists, which now boasts over a thousand games – and the developer wants to find out how it can “best improve the experience across the board” for everyone.

The Steam Deck was released earlier this year – even though not everyone will get their consoles for a while – and while many games are working totally fine and players are enjoying them, some are causing real problems for the system. Even Final Fantasy XIV – which Gabe Newell himself says he enjoys playing on Steam Deck – currently isn’t working on Steam Deck.

So, it’s good news that Valve has added a feedback system for the Steam Deck. As the developer announced this week, Steam will now as “direct questions about your experiences” running Steam Deck. You can opt out of doing it, but the team is kicking off by gathering user opinions “about titles that are Steam Deck Verified”.

Specifically, Valve wants to know if its compatibility ratings – Verified, Playable, Unsupported – are accurate, in the user’s impression. However, the developer states that the feedback “won’t directly change the Deck compatibility category”, but instead the team wants to confirm whether the process “is enabling the experiences we all want it to”. At the moment, the question is a simple yes or no answer, but Valve also states that it is “just getting started”.

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They should send me a free one out, and I will give them the answers LMAO :P

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