Fortnite raises $36 million in relief for Ukraine

Fortnite has raised $36 million to support humanitarian relief efforts in Ukraine.

Epic Games tweeted the news out via the official Fortnite Twitter account, affirming that the money is being sent as a donation to various aid groups. These include the United Nations Children's Fund, Direct Relief, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, and the World Food Programme.

These numbers arrived shortly after the debut of the latest season of Fortnite on Sunday, with Epic Games promising that it would donate all proceeds earned through April 3 to Ukraine. In addition, Epic stated that Xbox will be donating its net proceeds from Fortnite for the next two weeks as well. Just one day later, the whopping $36 million donation proves that there's still some serious money funneling into Fortnite.

Epic noted that it will be sending funds over as "quickly" as it can, and will not be waiting on funds to come in from its various platform and payment partners.

"As transactions are reported, we’ll log them and send the funds to the humanitarian relief organizations within days," Epic said.

As far as purchases that count toward donations going to Ukraine, these include all real-money purchases made between March 20 and April 3, 2022. This covers everything from V-Buck packs to cosmetic packs. Retail store purchases of in-game V-Bucks and cosmetics will also be included if they're redeemed them by April 3.

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Very nice of the people who are donating to the cause of Ukraine

Well proud of you guys

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