Nintendo Insider Responds to New Nintendo Direct Rumors

A notable Nintendo insider has responded to recent rumors regarding a new Nintendo Direct presentation. Just last month, Nintendo held its first Direct showcase of 2022 and revealed a litany of new titles that will be coming to Switch in the coming months. And while this broadcast on its own likely tided over a number of Nintendo fans for the foreseeable future, others are now starting to wonder when the next Direct might transpire. Unfortunately, if you were hoping that the latest Direct would take place in the coming week, it instead sounds like you'll be left waiting.

According to a Nintendo insider that goes by the name Samus Hunter, a new Direct isn't slated to take place this coming week. In recent days, some rumors have started to circle on the internet suggesting that a new Direct, specifically focused on indie titles, would be happening on March 23rd. Based on what Samus Hunter claims to know, though, this rumor won't be coming to fruition, notably, because Nintendo wants to place a focus on its latest Switch release Kirby and the Forgotten Land on this date.

Perhaps the other most interesting thing about Samus Hunter's recent message in regard to these rumors is that they also claim that it's "too soon" for another Direct to be taking place. Based on how Nintendo has operated in previous years, this would make a fair amount of sense. Normally, Nintendo holds its "Indie World" presentations in relation to events like PAX, which means that we could see one of these broadcasts coming about next month. When it comes to the next, large-scale Nintendo Direct, though, we might have to wait until a time later this summer. Again, none of this is necessarily official just yet, but it seems likely that this is how 2022 could play out.

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We're going to hear more soon about this. watch this space (or somewhere else)


Good hope to hear more soon.

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