Returnal Ascension DLC video shows off Tower gameplay

Sony and Housemarque have released a new Returnal Ascension trailer, showing off their upcoming DLC for PS5 exclusive.

Announced during Sony’s most recent PlayStation State of Play broadcast, Ascension brings a number of new modes and features to the game. In this 18-minute gameplay video we get to see Selene go up against the Tower of Sisyphus, a endless survival mode that gradually ramps up the difficulty as you move from one floor to the next.

This brilliant new mode has Housemarque written all over it. Although there are new story segments to uncover, you’ll focus more on speedy kills, building your multiplier, and chasing high scores.

Returnal Ascension (also referred to as update 3.0) will be a free expansion available to everyone who already owns a copy of the game. Not only does it add the Tower of Sisyphus, there’s also online co-op for those wanting to experience the AAA roguelike with a friend.

One of the first PlayStation 5 exclusives, Returnal launched in April to plenty of praise. Housemarque were lauded for their ability to combine the developer’s mastery of arcade shooters with a new third person shooter form and an engaging roguelike game structure.

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Loving the DLC gameplay, this def on my list to get

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