Star Wars Eclipse Developer Responds to Delay Rumors

Quantic Dream has responded to rumors regarding Star Wars Eclipse's release date. At the end of 2021, Quantic Dream announced its next game, Star Wars Eclipse, a multi-protagonist story set in the High Republic era. Unless a show or film comes out before it, this game will be the first story outside of the books to tackle this part of the Star Wars universe, as it takes place before the prequels. As such, Quantic Dream is being tasked with visualizing this part of the Star Wars universe, but it could be a while before fans get to see it. Initially, it was rumored Star Wars Eclipse would release around 2024, but a later rumor suggested that the game could've been delayed internally to 2027.

Quantic Dream told GamesRadar that Star Wars Eclipse hasn't been delayed, because there's no official release date. The spokesperson also noted that the company had increased its workforce by 50%, seemingly downplaying rumors that the company is struggling to hire people. As of right now, it's unclear when the game will appear again, but it seems like Quantic Dream is very much committed to the project. "Star Wars Eclipse has not been delayed because Quantic Dream never announced or promised a launch window for the title," the spokesperson said. "Recruiting remains active as it works on Star Wars Eclipse, third-party publishing, and unannounced projects."

Despite its existence being confirmed several months ago, rumors of development troubles on Star Wars Eclipse have already cropped up. The studio has had trouble adapting its engine for Star Wars Eclipse as it has previously been used for more cinematic games like Detroit: Become Human and not traditional action games. Similarly, a multiplayer mode is reportedly planned for the game, but the team is struggling to envision what it'll look like. The studio also didn't have a playable build of the game as of December, so if that's true, it seems unlikely that gameplay will be revealed anytime soon. Of course, these are just rumors and should be taken with a grain of salt.

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Just to round numbers up, and to make sure there are new issues when released, they should release it in 2028


Hopefully for sure it would be 2027.

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