Xbox Cloud Gaming makes ‘major performance improvements’ for iOS

Microsoft claims to have introduced a significant performance boost for Xbox Cloud Gaming on iOS devices.

“At Xbox Cloud Gaming, we listen to and value player feedback. You asked for a better iOS experience, and as a result, we have brought major performance improvements to all supported iPhone and iPad devices,” it said in an Xbox Wire post on Monday.

“With these updates, you should have a smoother and more responsive gameplay experience.”

It’s unclear exactly when these improvements were rolled out, but Xbox said it has seen a notable increase in positive player feedback following the changes as well higher engagement, including 35 percent longer play times.

It was recently revealed that Microsoft is planning to introduce mouse and keyboard support for Xbox Cloud Gaming. At the moment Xbox Cloud Gaming only supports controllers and touchscreen controls on mobile devices.

For a game like Microsoft Flight Simulator, which supports mouse and keyboard on both PC and Xbox consoles, this means users are required to use a controller when streaming the title via the cloud.

Microsoft Flight Simulator was made available via Xbox Cloud Gaming this month as one of March’s new Xbox Game Pass titles, which also include Guardians of the Galaxy.

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So glad they have listened and delivered on this

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