Modern Warfare 3 devs ask which playlists do you want added?

The teams behind Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 would like to to know what new games modes you would like to see in the game.

In a poll up on the official CoD Forums, MW3 devs want you to vote for one of the following options seen below, noting that they will have a separate poll for Face Off game modes in the near future.

Some of the more interesting ideas shown below are the knife only, 3rd person, MLG Rules and Sniper/Shotgun only playlists. The dev team has also been listening to community feedback, it seems, with the inclusion of the assassin, support streak, deathstreak, blind eye free playlist.

The two most popular, so far, seem to be the Snipers only/No Snipers and the MLG Rules/Competitive mode.

Here is the list

Hardcore Ground War
Knife only
3rd Person
Snipers only/No Snipers
Shotguns only/No shotguns
Hardcore CTF
MLG Rules/Competitive mode
Assassin, support streak, deathstreak, blind eye free
Barebones FFA
herp derp idgaf




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i think the snipers one will be most popular


snipers only and shotgun only cause im a major quickscoper


I want all, but mostly knife only, third person and shotgun only gametypes.


snipers only and shotguns only would be cool


They should add a zombie playlist.


Lair I want the gametype war... from WAW

This guy.

Been missing war so much since it was cut.


So they are gonna ask the community what they want.We have all seen how thats been in the past.


Snipers only!!!!!


i would love 3rd person. i not a big fan of 3rd person games but in call of duty its something different and i think its fun.


Shotguns/ snipers only or knife only

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