Stray Is “Still Coming Out This Year”, Publisher Confirms

Publisher Annapurna Interactive’s upcoming Stray is all about a stray cat who has somehow fallen into a futuristic dystopia populated by robots, and its upto the player to guide this furball home. With a focus on exploration, platforming, puzzle solving, and NPC interactions, Stray is looking to be one of the more promising games of 2022.

Many fans were hoping to see the game return to the spotlight in the recent State of Play, but the publisher confirmed its absence from the show on social media. Speaking via Twitter, Annapurna Interactive revealed that Stray wouldn’t be a part of the presentation, but fans can expect to play the game sometime this year anyway.

As it stands, Stray is currently slated for an early 2022 release date – although it seems quite obvious that the much-anticipated PlayStation exclusive wouldn’t make it in this short time-frame.

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They should've made it as a stray dog, I dislike cats


Hell yeah it's a cat! That's awesome.

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