Sony Ships Secret PlayStation Console Prototypes Overseas

In over ten years of covering PlayStation, we’ve never seen this kind of sleuthing before. Tweak Town has been keeping an eagle-eye on Sony Interactive Entertainment’s exports, and has uncovered a ledger for 700kgs worth of video game console prototypes, shipped from its headquarters in London to Norfolk, Virginia.

The package, made up of four cartons, was shipped on 16th November, 2021 late last year – although why it was sent to Virginia specifically is a mystery. PlayStation’s main headquarters in the United States are in San Mateo, although it does have Sony Electronics subsidiaries on the Eastern seaboard. Presumably they were picked up from Norfolk and sent on for the second leg of their journey.

So, what could this be? Well, realistically, it’s probably nothing. We suppose it’s possible they could be related to PSVR2, which would make sense given the timing – or more likely they’re just PS5 prototypes. We quite like this rumour, though: we’ve all seen our fair share of patents and trademarks over the years, but never international shipping ledgers before.

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Very interesting indeed. Won't be much longer til we find out exactly what it was all about

Let's hope it's something awesome


It could be something awesome or something meh.


Like yall make good consoles gran turismo would run better o. The series x

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