Nintendo Set To Offer Rewards For Nintendo Switch Online Users

Nintendo Switch Online is currently not viewed as great value for money by some gamers, as the service does not provide subscribers with as much content as Sony and Microsoft's offerings. The company has done a lot to change this view by including DLC for its games for the price of the monthly subscription, and now Nintendo has even more plans for Nintendo Switch Online.

Nintendo Switch Online was originally quite cheap in comparison to Xbox Live and PlayStation Plus, although this was mostly because the service only offered online play, cloud saves, and access to some NES and SNES games. Nintendo then decided to launch an expansion pack for Nintendo Switch Online for a higher fee. This did not sit well with fans at the time, as the expansion pack only gave subscribers access to some Nintendo 64 games, some Sega Genesis games, and the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home Paradise DLC.

Nintendo then promised fans that more improvements for the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion pack would arrive in time. Now it seems as though Nintendo is delivering on this promise, as the company is now offering users the chance to earn My Nintendo Platinum Points, which allows subscribers to redeem exclusive items. These points can be earned by actions such as playing online or playing the classic games that Nintendo Switch Online offers. The points will then be redeemable for physical items from the Nintendo Online Store or digital items like profile avatars and backgrounds.

These points will even be available to those who don't have the expansion pack, however, more points will likely be able to be earned if one does have the expansion owing to its greater library of games.

The Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack will also give players access to the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Booster Course Pass. The DLC is set to launch in just over two weeks and will eventually add 48 new tracks to the game once all the waves have been released. Users will also be able to purchase the DLC via normal means if they do not wish to pay for the expansion pack.

In the meantime, Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack subscribers will be able to enjoy The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, as the game was recently added to the service. The service's Nintendo 64 library is continuing to grow, which will make the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack even more enticing for users.

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I'm up for these rewards.

Gimme gimme gimme!!


Nintendo is a lousy company anyway

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