Xbox's PC App Finally Lets You Choose Your Install Location

As promised, Microsoft has improved the Xbox App to allow users to not only change the location of installed games but also allow access to game files so that users can more easily enable mods.

The Xbox App has been updated with new Installation and Game Management features as of today. Previewed last November, Xbox Insiders were able to poke around their game install folders and modify them in a manner similar to Steam. They could also repair, move, or even totally change the installation folder’s location.

Now, everyone can do that. All you have to do is open the Xbox App, right-click on the game from the left-hand side of the app, then select “manage,” and finally “enable.” If your Xbox App doesn’t have these options, navigate to your Library and select “update.” This should download the latest version of the app.

In addition to some long-awaited upgrades, Microsoft shared this month's new Game Pass lineup today. Coming in are FAR: Changing Tides, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, Kentucky Route Zero, Young Souls, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, and Lawn Mowing Simulator, while Nier Automata, The Surge 2, Phogs!, and Torchlight III are all leaving on March 15. Be sure to get your fill of those games before moving on to March’s offerings.

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About time MS got this sorted out. Can't believe they never did this the first time around


Ive been waiting for this for a while now to bad ps doesnt offer this v3v

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