Pokemon Legends Arceus Anime Drops New Details

Pokemon has dropped some new details for the mysterious new anime project for Pokemon Legends Arceus! As part of the 26th Anniversary celebration for the franchise, it was announced on Pokemon Day this year that there are now plans in place to move the video games forward into their ninth generation. There were also some surprises for fans of the anime releases too as while Pokemon Journeys remains the current main series for the near future, there are now plans to highlight the story from Pokemon Legends Arceus. Coming to life in a mysterious new web anime project now in the works, fans have gotten some new details as to what to expect.

It was previously announced that Pokemon Legends Arceus would be getting a new web anime project released some time this year, and while that initial announcement was light on details there has been some new information dropped on the official website. As detailed by @DogasusBackpack on Twitter, this new anime project is currently aiming for a Summer 2022 release, will focus on the Hisui Region from the game, and is being produced by the famed Wit Studio, the studio behind Vinland Saga and Attack on Titan's first three seasons.

"The production of an original web anime based on Pokemon Legends Arceus has been announced!," The description begins, "The original story set in the Hisui Region is scheduled to come out early in Summer 2022. It's being produced by Wit Studio, who you may know from Attack on Titan and [Pokemon the Movie: The Power of Us]. We hope those of you who have already set foot in the Hisui Region as well as those of you for whom this will be their first experience with the region will look forward to the day this comes out! "

While it's still not clear as to whether this will be a full web series or a single new anime project, this does tease that at least fans won't have to wait much longer to see what it will end up becoming. Featuring an original story based in the Hisui region, it's sure to highlight a different aspect of the Pokemon world previously unseen in other anime releases in the franchise.

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