Dying Light Receives Cross-play Support on PC

Techland is hard at work maintaining Dying Light 2, with regular patches coming out for PC and consoles, and their commitment to supporting the game for the next five years being a tall order as well. It seems, however, that they are not yet done with the original game’s support either.

Techland has announced that the original Dying Light from today onwards, the game will support cross-play across all of its PC versions. The developers are using the Epic Online Services solution to achieve this, so players using Steam, Epic Games Store, GoG, Windows, macOS, and Linux users can play co-op with each other.

That is not all- Techland has also launched the game on the Epic Games Store, with a 60% discount for the title and the 70% discount for the Platinum Edition from now until March 7.

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Source: https://gamingbolt.com/dying-light-receives-cross-play-support-on-pc-launches-on-the-epic-games-store


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Still gonna be patches throughout the next 5 years for the PC


Terrible move add aim assist then cause pc players are trash

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