Xbox Boss Teases New Games From Gears of War Studio

The Coalition is one of Xbox's most beloved developers, but the studio has been mostly quiet over the last few years. However, it seems the Gears of War team is hard at work on "several unannounced projects." That bit of information was revealed by Xbox marketing GM Aaron Greenberg during a fan event in Bogota, Colombia. While Greenberg offered no elaboration on what the studio is working on next, he did take time to praise The Coalition's skills with Unreal Engine, also revealing that the team pitched in on last year's The Matrix Awakens.

For those unfamiliar with The Matrix Awakens, it was a tech demo released by Epic Games. While the demo did not offer much in terms of actual gameplay, it did act as a showcase for the capabilities of Unreal Engine 5. The highlight of the demo was an incredible car chase sequence that looked breathtaking on Xbox Series X. The Coalition's experience with the engine and that demo in particular is something that would seem to bode well for future releases from the developer!

The Coalition was founded in 2010, and took over development on the Gears of War games in 2015, following Microsoft's acquisition of the series. Since then, the studio has exclusively focused on the franchise. The last full game released by The Coalition was Gears 5, which debuted on Xbox platforms in 2019, though the studio also helped with Gears Tactics in 2020. We do know that The Coalition is working on Gears 6, and previous rumors have suggested the team is also working on a new IP. Greenberg's comments seem to lend credence to those rumors, and it will be very interesting to see what else the team has in store.

Unfortunately, it's difficult to say how long fans will be waiting to learn more. Hopefully Xbox will have something to showcase in the near future, but for now, fans will just have to wait patiently!

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