Streamer xQc Turns Down $1.2 Million NFT Deal

The streamer xQc just turned down a huge deal. The advertising proposal which totaled some $1.2 million came from an undisclosed company that seems to be involved in some aspect of the NFT business. The news was broken by the streamer himself on February 18, 2022.

The company in question apparently wanted a custom overlay on his channel, a personal endorsement, a filmed browsing of its website, and three promotional posts on Twitter. The streamer said that he was promised $1.2 million in compensation. But he had very different plans.

While the advertising proposal was enormous, the streamer said that he didn’t even hesitate before declining. “Today, I received an insane — an absolutely insane — NFT sponsorship offer and the amounts are astronomical,” xQc said. “It was even more fun to tell them no.”

“You should talk about it. Watch this, it was an overlay, shoutout, visit for five minutes, and three tweets for $1.2 million,” xQc explained. “Holy.”

When the streamer made this remark, his viewers were quick to react, filling the chat with a barrage of comments. The vast majority of them were pleased that xQc had rejected the advertising proposal and expressed their support for his decision.

The debate about NFT sponsorships continues to rage among content creators on Twitch and other streaming platforms. While some have jumped on the blockchain bandwagon, many including Hasan and Pokimane have come out against these arrangements. The latest in this group of streamers might just be xQc.

While nobody would scoff at $1.2 million, xQc doesn’t exactly seem to be strapped for cash. The streamer is in fact one of the highest paid content creators on Twitch. This was revealed by the leak in October, 2021 which indicated that he was the second highest earner on the platform at nearly $8.5 million a year.

The streamer just became the fifth content creator to reach 10 million followers on Twitch. Ninja remains by far the most popular person on the platform with almost 18 million, but the next streamer on the list, Auronplay, is well within reach at about 12 million. The next up after xQc is Shroud with 9.9 million.

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I dont blame him its not about the money

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