PlayStation App to Get Major Upgrade

PlayStation hasn't made sharing screenshots and clips the easiest thing to do on the PS5. Fortunately, it seems PlayStation is testing a new feature for its mobile app that should greatly improve the user experience on PS5.

Whether for posting online or simply sharing with friends, taking screenshots through one's console is a major convenience of modern gaming. There was a time when only players who had proper game-capture gear could take solid screenshots and recordings of gameplay, but now pretty much anyone can be an in-game photographer. PlayStation in many of its latest releases has incorporated intricate photo mode services, allowing users to capture the beauty of their games, and in some cases even reveal unseen details like in The Last of Us 2. One of the biggest inconveniences of using the PS5's built-in screenshot feature, though, is getting the images off the console.

Gamers in Canada and Japan are currently testing a feature that connects PS5 screenshots to the PlayStation App. Essentially, following an update to the PlayStation App, players can allow their PS5 to auto-upload their screenshots over the cloud, to which players can then retrieve through the App. According to official support page, permissible capture include non-4K gameplay clips under 3 minutes long and "screenshots taken from the Create Menu or Create button shortcuts." The captures will be accessible through both the PS5 and the App, but the latter will only have 14 days of usage before being removed from the cloud.

While there are already a handful of ways for players to export their PS5 captures, none are very convenient. For example, players can share their PS5 captures to Twitter right from the console, but this requires dealing with the on-screen keyboard to type one's message, and navigating a plethora of menus. If players have access to a computer, they can also copy their images to a USB drive and upload them manually, though this requires quite a bit more steps than doing everything right from the PS5. Unfortunately, there is no telling when or if this cloud sharing of PS5 captures is coming to other areas of the world.

This development by PlayStation is a bit of catch up on Sony's part as Xbox has had mobile capture sharing for some time now. Although Xbox's capture sharing isn't perfect, players' screenshots and recordings are seamlessly carried between hardware and mobile, allowing users to do with them as they please. The PS5 to PlayStation App seems like an equivalent move, although one has to wonder about why it is imposing a 14-day time limit on uploads. Either way, PlayStation players will likely rejoice if this service makes its way to their neck of the woods.

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